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The Gym to host Singapore’s first Valorant 5v5 league which will boast $10,000 prize

SINGAPORE - The Gym, Singapore’s premier esports co-sharing space and production house, will host the city state’s first Valorant 5v5 league featuring four of the nation’s best Valorant teams in head-to-head battle.

From October 3 to November 1, Team SMG, Resurgence, Paper Rex and Reality Rift will battle in The Gym Singapore Invitational (GSI). The GSI will feature a round-robin format with the top two in the league facing off in the November 1 Grand Final for the top prize of SGD$10,000.

The tournament, which will see the teams take on each other at The Gym’s Jalan Besar premises, is backed by Riot Games Southeast Asia.

Said Chris Tran, Head of Esports, Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau: “We have been extremely heartened by the success of Valorant across Southeast Asia since its launch in June, and there is an incredible appetite for competitive play in Singapore. With showcases like the GSI, Valorant players will have more unique and exciting experiences to look forward to, closer to home."

Said Donald Yeo, Head of Partnerships at The Gym: “We’re extremely honoured to host the first head-to-head Valorant league in Singapore and to be supported by great partners like Riot Games, Logitech, Omnidesk, Secretlab and Aftershock.

“The Gym’s mission is to create a strong ecosystem to grow professional gaming in Singapore and we are here to set the standards for the future of gaming.”

Team SMG, formed by mandopop star JJ Lin, will feature its team of ZesBeeW, falfalfal, LEXY, Kama, Divine and Aeozora. The group competed under the name GMCC before they were taken under the SMG label earlier in July. They finished fourth at last month’s Cyber Games Arena Pacific Open - Valorant Ignition Series.

Resurgence, led by Evo, will be backed up by Benaf, Germsg, Boplek, JabTheBoy and Mortdecai. The team also recently moved into the Resurgence stable, previously competing under Sengdala Esports.

Paper Rex will be represented by Brxndon, Egoist, Retla, JdFker, Pndmonia and Tidus .

Reality Rift will feature SpykowOw, Maxxy, Liquid, Maskon, Revrk and Cartier.

Said The Gym’s founder Neo Yong Aik: “The GSI is the latest addition to our ever-growing calendar of esports tournaments. We’ve already started our weekly Friyay Night Gaming series, monthly Fortnite competitions through Sweat City, and also helped create the eSPL (E Singapore Premier League). So the GSI is really a nice complement to our plans of building a steady stream of tournaments for Singapore’s esports community.”

Digital Consumer Expo

The GSI will also feature a digital expo where both the gaming and retail world can meet.

Brands can engage consumers in a virtual marketplace where visitors can experience their products in either basic forms such as watching a video to more advanced interactions such as viewing it in a 360 experience.

Apart from gaming retailers such as Logitech and Secretlab, the twist of the GSI’s digital expo is that visitors can also sample non-gaming related products such as having your fortune told by a fengshui master online or buying a bowl of fish soup.

Said Neo: “The idea behind the digital expo is to create a virtual world where both the gaming and retail worlds can meet.

“Esports is one of the world’s fastest growing sports entities in the world and valued at over US$1 billion, with its stock likely to double in five years. We wanted to give brands a fun, interactive virtual world to be associated with esports.

“Retailers participating in this virtual world can expect to potentially reach over 600,000 people, including followers of the teams as well as large numbers of Singapore’s gaming community - a demographic used to navigating and spending in the online space.

“Through this virtual world, we hope that more brands will be introduced to esports and recognise its value proposition.”

About The Gym Esportscentre

The Gym is a 24hr state-of-the-art three-level esports studio and incubator for players and teams. Our main studio is equipped with a 13m wide 3.5m high LED wall as well as uninterrupted power systems working together with internet redundancy measures to safeguard livestream integrity. The venue has since become a hotspot of esports events, with multiple broadcasts going out monthly. Apart from broadcast and events, The Gym also has links to multiple cities worldwide and offered tech consulting to venue owners like Resorts World Sentoda and Singapore Expo for their upcoming in-house studios.

About The Gym Singapore Invitational

The Gym Singapore Invitational (GSI), is a local Valorant invitational series. It is the first local Valorant tournament to offer a prize purse of $10,000. Our aim is to set the benchmark for future esports events in Singapore.

The Invitational will run from October 3 to November 1 2020, featuring four of Singapore’s top Valorant squads. Expect to see professional match analysis after every game, player profiles and of course, spectacular play during the GSI.

The tournament will be livestreamed on starting October 3 2020 at 1230 SGT.


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