From the Producers of Large Esports Productions - PUBG Global Invitational Berlin, League of Legends Esports

Strategic Partnership with the DeTune Company who built the OGN Super Arena, LA USA

Spanning 7700 square feet in 3 levels

5000 sqft of events space

Co-workspace with 6 training rooms,

Streaming rooms, and Video control rooms for events productions

13.5m wide  3.5m high high resolution LED Wall 4,536 pixel x 1,176 pixel

Full Broadcast 4K Camera available for rent

Sophisticated video system for Esports production

Up to 50 Hotdesking, 6 Training Rooms/Offices

Build for Esports and Let's Level Up!

Calling all Teams, Leagues, and Esports Support Personnel!


Our Story

The Gym officially opened its doors on Feb 2020, but the idea to create a space where up-and-coming talents could gather and hone their skills was born in 2019. There was a lack of professional spaces for the e-sports community to grow, and we wanted to change that.  With The Gym, we aim to redefine and empower the e-sports ecosystem and community in Asia.

Set up by regional events management firm NEO.TM, The Gym will not only function as a centre of excellence for promising e-sports teams, but also foster collaboration between local and international teams, enabling them to share resources and level up their game together.


Our Partners

About NEO.TM: Established in 2010, NEO.TM is an innovative, events management and consultancy firm with a stellar history of running corporate events spanning the banking, technology and creative sectors. NEO.TM prides itself on leveraging best practices around the world to bring creative visions to fruition.

About De Tune: Founded in 2001, De Tune is a global, full-service live broadcast media and event production agency. With a top-tier track record of propelling e-sports brands such as Riot Games to success, De Tune has partnered e-sports companies, brands and teams to elevate the world of e-sports to new heights. 


Quotes from our Partners

NEO.TM founder Neo Yong Aik said: “With e-sports making its debut at last year’s SEA Games, there is little doubt that e-sports has become mainstream in this part of the world. There has never been a more powerful platform to engage the youth of Asia and the world. But while there are millions of young people playing on their mobiles and PCs, what is lacking is a more professional approach to the sport. Instead of more LAN shops, we need more places that not only provide a place for individuals and teams to practice and compete, but also for them to pick up the right habits that will stay with them as they pursue successful e-sports careers. Instead of focusing on just gaming, other aspects such as nutrition, physical fitness and mental focus should also be honed. We hope to bring all that with The Gym.”

De Tune founder and CEO Michael Thuney said: “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting journey that we believe, will pave the way for professional e-sports set-ups to thrive in Singapore, and other parts of Asia.

We share in Neo’s vision to grow the industry in the right way and level-up the e-sports offerings in the region.”


Talk to Us!

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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Asia First Co-Working Space for Esports 亚洲第一间电子竞技共享办公室

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